Strength, stamina, agility, flexibility, coordination, finesse and mental alertness.
If there’s a sport that does it all, it’s rock climbing.

There are few sports that are as primitive yet graceful as climbing. Humans had to climb, whether to escape a predator or to get to a destination. We were born to do it and we shouldn’t let modernization get in the way of this natural instinct.

There are so many reasons to rock climb whether it be fitness, community or the sense of adventure and exhilaration being suspended in the air. Some even say it is zen-ful and serene. Whatever the reason, we know that it is a sport everyone can and should learn to enjoy!

“Climbing challenges us to the very core – it narrows our focus, it has a competitive element and thrill factor, and it involves real teamwork. Also, like any athletic endeavor, when done correctly it’s done with grace, beauty, and a sense of effortlessness.”
–Eric C. Stevens

At Project Rock, we are doing our very best to grow the climbing scene in this region and we endeavor to set up the first indoor rock climbing facility in Penang. It will be a place for learning, training and community!